We are Mathemagicians!!

What a fantastic week we have had – topped off with our fantastic Rock star number day!  We all looked fantastic as rock stars and did lots of number activities throughout the day.

IMG_2868 IMG_2869IMG_2852

During the week we received a letter from the Giraffe in our story book – he told us that Fox was going to send us some clues to help to find George’s gown.  As we got ready to go to our Forest School, Mrs F found a clue – we had to skip to the circle playground – when we got there, we found George’s sandal with another clue!


As we continued to follow the clues – we finally found George’s gown, hanging from a tree!  We have brought it back to class with his sandals and are now trying to figure out how to contact George to return his lovely sandals and gown!

Well done to FE for star of the week.   Attendance this week was 96%

Mrs Farrington and Miss Hodgkiss

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