What a pantomime!

A wonderful end to a busy week – Cinderella arrived in our school and the whole school thoroughly enjoyed the extremely funny performance.

This week we have been looking at subtraction sentences and the children will be able to show you how amazing they were when they complete their homework independently.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us and we look forward to getting excited with the children as we prepare for our Christmas celebrations,

Mrs Farrington & Miss Hodgkiss

Surprise Parcel!

Wow – what a week we have had!

We received a letter and a parcel this week from George the Giant!  We were thrilled, George thanked us for finding his gown and when he sneaked in to take it he left us two new dolls, a pram and a bed for our home corner.

We have all written a letter or a note to George to thank him and let him know that we will take good care of our wonderful gift.

We are busy practising our songs for the Christmas production and are doing really well.

Well Done to OH for Star of the Week and our attendance this week was 98.7%

Mrs Farrington & Miss Hodgkiss

We are the Smartest Children in Town!

Wow! What a week.

We have done fantastic writing – posters and postcards to let George the Giant know we have found his gown.  Surely he will come to collect it soon or let us know his address so we can send it!?

We have been using number lines again to add two one digit numbers together and are really growing in confidence with this concept.

To celebrate Children in Need each of us have made a Pudsey face biscuit – they look delicious!


Star of the week was HT – Well Done!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Farrington and Miss Hodgkiss

We are Mathemagicians!!

What a fantastic week we have had – topped off with our fantastic Rock star number day!  We all looked fantastic as rock stars and did lots of number activities throughout the day.

IMG_2868 IMG_2869IMG_2852

During the week we received a letter from the Giraffe in our story book – he told us that Fox was going to send us some clues to help to find George’s gown.  As we got ready to go to our Forest School, Mrs F found a clue – we had to skip to the circle playground – when we got there, we found George’s sandal with another clue!


As we continued to follow the clues – we finally found George’s gown, hanging from a tree!  We have brought it back to class with his sandals and are now trying to figure out how to contact George to return his lovely sandals and gown!

Well done to FE for star of the week.   Attendance this week was 96%

Mrs Farrington and Miss Hodgkiss

Happy Halloween!

What a fun we have had this week in Reception.

The children have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. The children have been able to retell the story independently.

We had a spooky competition to design a pumpkin. The winning design was drawn on the pumpkin which was lit!

We have been introduced to our topic this half term – The Smartest Giant in Town! He has left all his clothes in our room and he has lost his gown, hopefully we can help him to find it.

Our attendance this week was 98%

Well done to our star of the week – AK

Patterns Everywhere!

We have had a fantastic week exploring patterns in our environment and even creating our own!

The children thoroughly enjoyed going down to the forest on Wednesday to collect some autumnal leaves to create a beautiful picture.

In English, the children have been naming their body parts - we have even sounded some parts out!

YRH – 93.7% attendance this week

A big well done to FO on being awarded the Star of the Week certificate.

Miss Hodgkiss and Mrs Farrington

We are Family!

We have had a wonderful week exploring and sharing our memories and lovely times we share with our families.

We have established that all families are different and unique but still love one another equally.  We have discussed the three bears family and have been left wondering… where is Goldilocks family and who is in it??

We have made shape people and identified lots of 2d shapes in our environment and our grand finale – making delicious gingerbread men!

Star of the Week -  Well Done to HW

Attendance 96.7%


Buddy Time!

What a lovely week we have had!

All the children are doing super writing their numbers, using the correct formation and now all know the rhymes to help them.

We have been writing our names, trying to remember the correct formation and we have all improved – which is fantastic!

We met our Year 6 Buddies on Wednesday and had a lovely time.  The year 6 children were lovely with our little ones and it was a pleasure to see them interacting so positively and showing their nurturing side.

At forest school this week we have made autumnal crowns from the natural resources on our forest floor – we all had great fun!


Well Done to FC for being YHF Star of the Week and OH for YRH!

Numbers Everywhere!

What a busy week we have had in Reception!!

The children have been fantastic at recognising and ordering numbers this week and are learning the rhymes for writing numbers in the correct formation!

In our forest schools the children worked together in teams to build different sized caves for the 3 bears – it was such great fun!!

IMG_2022 IMG_2026 IMG_2031

Mrs Farrington and Miss Hodgkiss.

First full Week in Reception!

We have had a fantastic first week. All the children have been super sensible, learning all our new rules and remembering their carpet spaces so quickly!!

We had our first visit to the Forest School, where we explored and discovered lots of natural objects on the forest floor!


Our apple trees had just dropped their apples and we collected them and made apple pie – which we had for snack today with ice cream – little bakers in the making!!

Have a lovely weekend Reception.

Mrs Farrington & Miss Hodgkiss.